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The Things We Can Do With a New Tractor

Last month I received an email from a couple, W&N, they had seen the article in the paper and wanted to come out and see the rescue. W said they would be out of town for a few weeks and would contact us when they returned.

Fast forward to August. W&N contacted me again, and we set up a day and time for them to come out. Steve and Ann met them and toured them around. While walking around they asked the questions that we get sometimes, what are your needs, how can we help, and they were very interested in joining our volunteer groups for adoption events and anything else they could help with. So Ann and Steve told them the things we needed, and the bigger things, being a tractor and a riding mower, and someday a transport vehicle. W&N left loving the place, as do all that have come out.

That afternoon I received another email from them, stating that they would like to donate $15,000 towards getting us a tractor or whatever type of equipment that would be the most helpful to us out here. We were practically in tears, and couldn't hardly contain ourselves.

Steve started talking to the tractor supply stores, started doing research, and looking online for what would work out here. Finally he found one and contacted the owner and cut a deal.

Long, short of it is, we found a backhoe, yes it's slightly used, but doesn't have a lot of hour use on it and it has all the equipment on it that we will need. W&N brought a check out, the gentleman that had the backhoe delivered it this morning. The total amount was $15,500 with the delivery, the total of the check was $15,500 with delivery. Since we have earmarked about $4,000 towards a tractor we will be using that to buy a riding mower. Ann is looking into that.

W&N asked that we name the backhoe, "Dads Tractor", in honor of her father that passed away but would have loved what we are doing out here. So we will order some lettering and have that put on it.

​I can't thank them enough for this huge donation, and I hope to meet them soon.

This, and so much more, has been generated from that very article. I want to say a big thank you to Shirley for calling the Courier, and Luann for touring them around the ranch.

Here is our new toy.


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