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So Many Thanks Are Due!!

Arizona Downs for their donation of 60 rolls of chain link fencing which was used to surround our existing pole fencing to secure our dogs and keep critters outside.

PATRIOT Disposal in Prescott Valley for sending a crew of hardworking helpers to put up the chain link fencing. Doggie tail wags to Billy, Chris (a/k/a Squirrel), J.R., Earl and Tom. “You really worked hard, did a great job, and now our animals have the important needed safety barrier to keep predators out and an additional barrier in case a dog gets out of one of our yards! You are now part of our AARF family!”

LOWE’S and their donation of a 21” “self-propelled” mower. Hard to follow Ann now because she becomes a blur while working! She is ever so grateful.

It takes a lot of (wo)man power to keep our 10 acres cleared.

Wendy, our terrific volunteer, for her contribution/donation of gravel for our walkways and driveway and for hosting a party at her home in support of AARF.

Sandy Richardson from Mayer for her donation of outdoor kennels which help us immensely in separating and introducing our dogs.

Wayne, Steve, Jo an, Luann, Joyce, Chuck, Mark and Debbie, and “every one” of our wonderful volunteers who have spent hours and hours constructing and painting our new doggie bunkhouse built with funding from an anonymous donor (huge thank you!).

We sure don’t mean to miss anyone and we truly apologize if we have. We have seen so much kindness and generosity over these months while building our rescue facility, it’s hard to express all our thank you’s to every one. Know that you are appreciated no matter how small the donation.


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