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Happy Tails - Brooke

Brooke was given up by her owner because she wasn’t able to work with a deaf puppy so she was in a crate much of the time. Our foster took the frightened Brooke home and immediately to the vet for a check where it was confirmed she was totally deaf. Our foster started teaching her signs. Brooke caught on pretty fast but being a pup and not crated, she wanted to “just play”, and so she was allowed. She was spayed at 4 months and brought out to the rescue.

After only about 4 days, we received an email from a gentleman in Peoria who was extremely interested in adopting Brooke. He said she appealed to him because of her deafness, he is a musician and wanted a dog to hang out with him that the music wouldn't bother. He studied about deaf dogs, went on Amazon and Etsy to see what he could buy her to keep her safe and to let everyone know of her special need. He did research every day and sent videos of his home. We felt in our hearts this was going to be the perfect home for Brooke, someone who understood her needs and wanted to help her be the dog she was meant to be.

Her family came and met Brooke, and it was love at first site. They sat with her and walked her, spent 2 hours getting to know her here at the rescue, asking questions, and working with her. The updates they have sent are incredible. They take her out every day to show her new things and teach her new signs. Brooke will also be trained as a companion dog, as her owner has PTSD.

We've always believed there is a home for every dog, it just takes that special person willing to go that extra mile. Brooke has found that special person!


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